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Zonar Update - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please Read!

posted Aug 26, 2019, 9:54 AM by Ivan Cronick

Zonar Update

On September 15, 2019 Zonar will updating our ELD devices to comply with FMSCA electronic logging device (ELD) rule, phase 3. We will roll out the new user interface in the afternoon of September 15, 2019. Once we make the switch, your past 8 days of logs will not be carried over. You will have access to your old logs on the Zonar tablet if you go into the old user interface or we can export and email you your past 8 days of logs. If you have email on your phone you can just keep them there in case you need it for an inspection. You can also print them out and carry a paper copy with you. If none of those options work for you we can also email them to an inspector if need be. Once you have 8 days built up in the new user interface you will no longer need to carry your previous 8 days, as that information will be stored in Zonar just like before.

Once the switch is made and if you are one of the first drivers to login in Zonar for each unit, there will be around a 10-15 install time for the tablet. So please login as soon as you get to the truck and start the install while you do your pre-trip inspection.

Mandatory ELD Training

Please go through this new ELD training video. We can email you the link if it is easier. Please contact the office if you need it emailed.

Here is the link for the training module: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/0dce490d-a659-4b95-b482-9d6e9b0c5736/review

You can do this training on a computer, smart phone or tablet. Once you have completed the training print out or take a picture of the result page and submit that with a blue-sheet in order to be compensated for your time.  You must complete the training and show proof no later than September 15th. 2019. Training should not take more than 90 minutes to complete.

Key Differences

The only automatic duty status changes in ELD include the following:

· Automatic Drive: The driver will be immediately put into drive when the vehicle speed exceeds 4.5 mph. There is no minimum distance component as with AOBRD.

· Automatic ON Duty: A 5 minute idle will trigger a 60 second countdown. After the countdown (totaling 6 minutes from motion stop) the driver will be automatically placed in ON Duty.

There are no other automated duty status changes allowed on an ELD. A driver must certify all edits made to their logs.

Before certifying logs, a driver can add duty status events that were not previously recorded. They cannot add a special duty status like Personal Conveyance, only Off Duty, Sleeper Berth, and On Duty.

When editing logs, the driver can only edit Off Duty, Sleeper Berth, and On Duty. Dispatch will no longer have the capability to edit log, we can only suggest edits, it will be up to you to edit when necessary. The driver will have to add a note when making the edit. The notes should be enough information anyone reading can understand the circumstance.