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Helpful ELD Information

posted Dec 23, 2019, 11:14 AM by Ivan Cronick   [ updated Dec 23, 2019, 11:23 AM ]
Here are a few things we have discovered with the updated ELD devices. Please let us know if you have any questions on any of the information posted here. 
  • The best single thing you as a driver can do is make sure your duty status is set to “OFF DUTY” and apply and save at the end of each trip, make sure this is done after you are done moving the truck and ready to go home for the day, then log out and turn the tablet off.  Doing this should ensure the next day’s logs won’t be in violation when you return after 10 hours off duty or a restart.
  • The “active malfunction” warning that comes up on the driver’s log tile can be ignored, unless the ELD is not functioning at all and not keeping track of anything on the logs.  The only reason a driver ever needs to use paper logs is if the ELD is not recording anything at all on their logs, which is primarily only going to happen in the case of total power failure to the ELD (i.e. it won’t come on to even be able to log in).
  • If the tablet is giving a “reboot required” message, then the reboot needs to be done ASAP; it may take several minutes but your logs may not be accurately recorded until the reboot is done.  If it costs the driver delays or extra time to do a reboot, blue sheet that time.
  • Upon logging in, if you receive a “GSM required/missing” error message, it will generally go away after a couple of minutes, there just needs to be a better cell/satellite signal to the truck; it is best to have the truck already running when logging in to prevent this error.  If it still gives the error, moving the truck down the road to a better signal will correct it and driver will be able to log in.
  • The “incorrect VIN #” error message can be ignored, it happens primarily in the KW T660 series trucks and we are unable to correct it; it does not stop the ELD from correctly recording logs.
  • Under driver log exemptions: driver can choose “Big Day” or “Adverse Weather”.  Adverse Weather can be used on any shift and it bumps the 14 hours up to 16 hours by adding 2 more hours of ON DUTY time.  This does not help the driver if they are exceeding 11 hours of DRIVE time on the trip. 
  • “Big Day” exemption adds 2 hours of DRIVE time, but it has a very narrow window of circumstances that allow it to be applied.  The driver must return to the same geographical spot where you start the trip to be able to apply it.  Also, to use it again, driver must work 5 shifts and have a 34 hour restart on their hours.  The driver must apply the “Big Day” exemption once they return to the point of origin on the trip and before they go OFF DUTY.  It can not be applied at a later date. 
  • For a 30 minute rest break, driver must remain completely OFF DUTY for 30+ minutes, Personal Conveyance doesn’t count towards off duty time and cannot be used on a 30 minute rest break.
  • If you are given “unassigned driving” and it is not yours or it is a direct copy of what already shows on your logs, you should reject it; only accept “unassigned driving” that you have actually done.